Recognizing The Small Bright Spot In Our Day

Sunrise after morning storms
Yes, like everyone else, I get bogged down with the responsibilities of work or home life and those who need me and depend on me and often find I haYou never know when a moment of beauty will occur.  It sneaks up on us and takes us by surprise.  

If we are fortunate enough, we will recognize the moment and take a minute to enjoy it and use it as a small bright spot to give us the strength to get through the day. 

If we are not so lucky, we miss the moment and trudge through the day unaware of the gift of beauty we were given, but missed, because we are often so busy we can't take the time to enjoy who or what is around us.

I try to recognize those moments and take a second to enjoy it before the hustle and bustle that makes up the craziness of my day takes over again and I run from one task or responsibility to another taking for granted the beauty around me.  

ve little time for myself.  However, when for that brief moment I spot something of beauty, I try to embrace it and use it as a bright spot to center me for the rest of the day.  If I am really blessed, I have a second to capture it with my camera and I can then share it with others to create a bright spot in their day as well.

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