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'67 Raleigh Sport 3 Speed step-thru

This is a screen shot of Craigslist's ad for '67 Raleigh Sport 3 Speed step-thru I bought in South San Jose, CA a few weeks ago. I've been obsessed with vintage Raleighs lately and this is the 6th Raleigh 3 speed I bought within the last year or so. It came with the original Sturmey Archer 3 speed hub-dated '67 and shifter; The original paint on this bike is in great condition considering being 45 years old with just a few minor scratches here and there; all the chrome are in excellent condition without hardly any rust; overall a very clean bike. A great find for how much I paid!

I don't know if you can see it in the picture(click to enlarge) but the original Brook saddle was really warped and dry so first thing I did when I brought it home was to apply a generous amount of leather cream; sprayed quite of bit of water both on top and underneath the saddle; strapped the seat into a nice shape and tied it over night. Fortunately, the next morning, the Saddle took on a decent shape and the leather seems to be salvageable. Today, I inflated the tires and rode around the block in my neighborhood and thought how nice the bike was. But for now, it is sitting in my garage and I haven't had anytime to work on it more. I will upload some more pictures later.

Couple of my Raleighs I sold recently:

My New Artwork: Raleigh 3 Speed

Just finished my "Raleigh 3 Speed" for my etsy shop. I could have finished it a week earlier except I did the unthinkable; as you know I create all of my work digitally but I made the mistake of filing the work in a different format and lost all of my original file and had to re-do the whole work. This work was based on one of my beloved vintage bikes: Raleigh 3 speeds made in England(see below). You can purchase it here.

Front Rack On My Public D8

I have been looking to buy a front rack(retails for about $60+tax) for my Public D8 in a matching cream color but the Public Bikes store was out of stock. Craigslist once again came through with a brand new rack for $25 dollars-I did have to drive about 15 minutes and meet-up with a stranger in front of a restaurant. Here's a couple of other racks from Velo Orange that I like-see below:

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