George Clarke's Amazing "Caravan" Conversion

George Clarke is a British architect, television presenter, lecturer and writer, best known for his work on series of British T.V. shows, "The Home Show", "The Restoration Man" and "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces". As a T.V. Host, George has traveled all around the country looking and documenting innovative uses of small space. Inspired by these stories, George embarks on his own project - a retro caravan restoration. He spent £300 pounds to initially purchase the van and spent £38,000 pounds total or about $64,000 dollars. The van, a 1979 Ace Excellence, goes through an amazing transformation with some unique features including sleeping quarters for family of five, folding veranda that doubles as extra floor space, a 1950s kitchen sink unit, wood-burning stove, full-sized shower and toilet with the option of a moveable bathtub doubling up from the sofa space.
I applaud George for thinking outside the box in challenging the traditional notion of living space and to do it in such great style. You gotta check out the clip below for the full tour of the caravan:

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