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Beautiful Chairs from Tone

Creators of Tone along with their manufacturer/partner De La Espada are environmentally conscientious furniture makers and have taken extra steps to provide fine quality furniture made with certified timbers from distinct forestry. Tone creators have aquired certain traditonal Japanese parquetry techniques which enable them to really showcase the natural wood grains and the colors of the wood. I love their display of skill and craft taken from Japanese traditions combined with elegant modern design.
You can check out their other work here

Functional Sculptures by Artist Kevin Cyr

Camper Bike, a functioning sculptural piece, built in April 2008. A stand alone piece and the subject of a series of paintings.

Camper Kart: a pop-up camper constructed out of a shopping cart. The project investigates habitats and housing; recycling and ecology; exploration and mobility.

With ever growing problems of an affordable housing, I have always been very much interested in some type of inexpensive, creative solution/design that would challenge and give some real alternatives to what most of us would consider a conventional home. Kevin Cyr's projects really caught my eyes when I stumbled onto one of his "sculpture" projects on-line. For me, these projects and the ideas behind it really bring out many of the issues I have been thinking about. I also really enjoyed the artist's series of "Vehicle" paintings. You can check them out and the rest of Kevin Cyr's work here

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