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Buck caught on camera

I love wildlife and being able to capture images of them in their natural habitat.  My dad set up some cameras in the woods to monitor the deer and captured this buck in one of the frames.  I wish I could take credit for this photo, but it all goes to him.  He loves the outdoors and deer especially, which is where I got my love of the outdoors from.  I hope you enjoy the photo too.

First Fall Leaves

As I was out for a walk enjoying the early fall morning,  I spotted these leaves that had a jump on the rest of the fall foliage.

They were so bright in the morning sun with the darker woods as a contrast.  They screamed "Look at me."

I noticed and had to snap a shot or two with my camera to remember these early bloomers,  so to speak,  before they are nothing more than a distant fond memory come winter.

Take some time to go out and enjoy the fall colors amd mark the change of seasons.

Squirrel Curiosity

This morning while trying to enjoy the view of squirrels and birds feeding and playing in the back yard near the tree line, one brave and curious squirrel came up on the back deck to check me out (probably hoping I had some food for him).

It's nice to be able to take a few moments of our busy days to take in the beauty of the world around us and be reminded that God created it all for us to enjoy.  Unfortunately, we all get so busy with our lives and fail to take a few minutes out of our busy days to unwind and relax and take it all in, or let it all go, so we can find some inner peace to recharge our batteries for another day.

Home Sweet Home

I came down to Seymour to visit for the weekend since I don't make it home often enough.  It is always nice to visit family.

  This is my parents home in Southern Indiana located in a nice rural area.  I miss the country and the quiet that comes along with it.  All I heard when I got there Friday night was the sound of the crickets.  No sirens, traffic noise, loud car stereos rattling the windows of my house and the light pollution that is so bad that you can only see a few stars and the moon of course.

I'm glad for the times when I can get away and enjoy quality family time and the brief moments of quiet I get out here verses the city life.

Bonneville Mill

I took a short trip from home today with my dog Rose to go hiking and shoot some photos.  We went to Bonneville Mill County Park in Elkhart County, Indiana.
I got some good photos today along with an enjoyable little hike with my Rose.

Capturing the Moments

This afternoon while I climbed the stairs, I  came upon my dog Rose lying on the landing at the top of the stairs awash in the warm afternoon sunlight. I couldn't resist capturing the moment with a photo.

Our Pet Family

I feel blessed that God gave me the opportunity to have such a blessing in my life.   Anyone who is a pet owner and thinks of them as one of your family,  as one of your kids, knows what I'm talking about.

For those of us who fall into this category,  we couldn't imagine them not being in our lives.   They bring a smile to our faces when we are down, along with lots of kisses and head nudges to let us know they are there. 
They enthusiastically greet us when we come in the door and make us feel as if we were truly missed,  because we were.  They want to go on rides with us to the store because they want to be with us all of the time. They tell us we're loved and wanted and needed,  even when people may not do the same.

They don't care what other people think of us because they only care about what they think of us. No one else matters.   Their words of discouragement have no affect on our four legged friends. They are always trying to please us and in turn themselves,  because if we are happy,  they are happy.

I could go on and on about their virtues,  but the most important thing to know us that they love us and we love them.  They are a gift of God to us and we would do well to remember that and to treat them like the precious gifts they are.

Rose is the inspiration for many of my photos and brings joy to me daily. 

Recognizing The Small Bright Spot In Our Day

Sunrise after morning storms
Yes, like everyone else, I get bogged down with the responsibilities of work or home life and those who need me and depend on me and often find I haYou never know when a moment of beauty will occur.  It sneaks up on us and takes us by surprise.  

If we are fortunate enough, we will recognize the moment and take a minute to enjoy it and use it as a small bright spot to give us the strength to get through the day. 

If we are not so lucky, we miss the moment and trudge through the day unaware of the gift of beauty we were given, but missed, because we are often so busy we can't take the time to enjoy who or what is around us.

I try to recognize those moments and take a second to enjoy it before the hustle and bustle that makes up the craziness of my day takes over again and I run from one task or responsibility to another taking for granted the beauty around me.  

ve little time for myself.  However, when for that brief moment I spot something of beauty, I try to embrace it and use it as a bright spot to center me for the rest of the day.  If I am really blessed, I have a second to capture it with my camera and I can then share it with others to create a bright spot in their day as well.

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