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Another Very Cool Small Spaces

Completed in 2012, the "LifeEdited" apartment was created by Graham Hill, the founder of This small but an amazing living space features just barely a 420-square-foot of space that virtually has the functionality of 1,100 square feet. See video below:


Meet Buddy my new favorite dog, who let me share his porch with him for the weekend. The first weekend of the tour was great...beautiful weather, charming visitors, and of course, Buddy! We sold some paintings and pottery, I visited with people I haven't seen in years, and even got some sketching and knitting done. Looking forward to a repeat performance next weekend.

George Clarke's Amazing "Caravan" Conversion

George Clarke is a British architect, television presenter, lecturer and writer, best known for his work on series of British T.V. shows, "The Home Show", "The Restoration Man" and "George Clarke's Amazing Spaces". As a T.V. Host, George has traveled all around the country looking and documenting innovative uses of small space. Inspired by these stories, George embarks on his own project - a retro caravan restoration. He spent £300 pounds to initially purchase the van and spent £38,000 pounds total or about $64,000 dollars. The van, a 1979 Ace Excellence, goes through an amazing transformation with some unique features including sleeping quarters for family of five, folding veranda that doubles as extra floor space, a 1950s kitchen sink unit, wood-burning stove, full-sized shower and toilet with the option of a moveable bathtub doubling up from the sofa space.
I applaud George for thinking outside the box in challenging the traditional notion of living space and to do it in such great style. You gotta check out the clip below for the full tour of the caravan:


A lot of time has passed since I last posted...I got bogged down in various projects and activities which, along with the normal requirements of family life, took up all of my time. However, there are now several exciting updates to post, as well as lots of new work, since at least some of my recent activities have been creative ones. First, next weekend, June 7-8, is the first weekend of the Pontiac Artist's Studio Tour! I will be showing at Studio 6 (of 14) with Valerie Bridgeman, a talented potter and printmaker and long time studio tour participant, who has kindly offered me space to show with her since I currently lack space of my own.

I have been painting and framing like crazy to get ready, and am super excited to share the work of the long winter months with you all. A map with all 14 studio locations plus information on each participating artist can be found at

In other news, I will be participating at the first ever Capital Pop Up! artisan fair on July 12 at the Bronson Centre in Ottawa. Shannon Peck of the Littlest Bird Workshop is the co-organizer of this event, which combines an artisan fair with a charitable fundraiser in a unique way. Part of the money raised through table rentals, plus a percentage of the sales from each artist, go to charity: either to Gabriella's Groupies and The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary, or to others chosen by each participating artist or artisan. I haven't nailed down my charity yet, so if anyone has any ideas feel free to post them in the comments section. There are other events and developments upcoming, but that will do for now. Good Night!

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