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Some Great Illustrations by David Fullarton

Above are a few examples from a series of illustrations commissioned by Razorfish to appear in their book FEED, which has just been published. It's a report on the ways that consumers use new technology and the resulting impact on consumer relationships with brands and advertising.

Above are another couple of examples from a series of illustrations David did for a poster campaign commissioned by Publicis Indianapolis for their client "Learn More Indiana". The idea was to persuade high school students to continue their education after graduation.

More of David's work is found here

Kakuzai Wood Memo Block by MR_DESIGN

Cool new twist on an old idea!
Making its debut in the US, this pristine block of "wood" is actually a stack of 1200sheets of memo paper. This Kakuzai Wood Memo Block by MR_DESIGN is imported from Japan and is available for $25.00 at Dijital Fix

New T-Shirts at Pic Designer T-Shirt:

Retro Polaroid on an organic t-shirt

Polaroid Land Model 100 dsign is taken from my digital illustration.

Sony Walkman-1979

I took this design from one of my artwork, "Sony Walkman 1979". This particular walkman was made in 1979 and was available to the public in the early 80's. Reminiscence of the days before Ipods and cds.

And Soy Boy and Soy Girl for the babies

My First Sale at "Pic Designer T-Shirts"

I launched my t-shirt shop, Pic Designer T-Shirts in October of 2009, as I have noted in my previous post. It has been about a month and I am excited to announce my first sale. It is a small beginning but hopefully it will continue to grow and bring in more sales. So far, my only advertisements are through my etsy shop and my blog but maybe I need to figure out other venues to generate some more interests. Anyway, below are the two t-shirts from my first sale. Please visit the shop for other products. . .more to come soon.



Paintings by John Millei

Maritime #53 (Venetian), 2008; Oil on Canvas; 84'(H) X 58"(W)

Maritime #51 (Venetian), 2008; Oil on Canvas

Maritime #50 (Venetian), 2008; Oil on Canvas; 84"(H) X 66"(W)

Maritime #49 (Venetian), 2008; Oil on Canvas; 148'(H) X 204"(W)

These paintings are part of John Millei's "Maritime" series. Courtesy of Ace Gallery

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