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1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa fetches world record $12.1 million at auction by an anonymous phone bidder. Beautiful, rare (only 22 similar models were made) and with rich race history is arguably one of the most beautifully designed cars in the world.

Selling my Adobe CS3 Design Premium

Now that I am all set up with the new CS5, I am selling my older version, Adobe CS3 Design Premium for windows. I listed in Craigslist and also I have never sold items through Amazon before so this is all new to me but I was able to set up my seller's account pretty easily this afternoon and posted the item for $530.00 under the seller name, "Pchung". You can take a look at it here.

New Work-"Brooks Saddle"

A friend thought that a classic, Brooks England bicycle seat would make a great subject for my next artwork and so happens this work is my very first work with the new imac using Adobe cs5. I was very pleased with how everything was so fast. I remember with my old PC how everything took so long to perform and whenever I used either Photoshop or Illustrator, it slowed everything else down. The print is available in my shop!

Searching for Adobe Software, part two

Just to follow up on my last post, I did finally buy an Adobe CS5 after all my search. But in order to save some money, I settled for a Design Standard rather than a Design Premium. My Adobe CS3 for windows is a Design Premium which included Dreamweaver, Flash and other additional design tools which the Design Standard don't have. When I originally bought my Design Premium, I thought I would learn these tools but to this day I haven't had the chance. In any case, the Standard comes with all the tools I primarily use such as Photoshop, Illustrator, In Desgin, and also Acrobat 9 Pro. I am still very happy with my purchase considering the full retail versions of the same software costs $1,200.00 plus at the Adobe on-line store, and I got it for $219.00, $240.00 and change including the tax; I was able to find this great deal through a friend of mine and it's not even an illegal copy. I installed it yesterday and I was thrilled to finally open my files in a new imac for the very first time and have worked on my artwork.

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