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A Look at the Different Skills and Professions Involved in Game Design

The computer games industry is booming. Even when it seems as if every other industry is either in recession or crashing altogether there are more video games being sold than ever before. The big blockbuster games that come out can expect to make a lot more money than even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. So as game sales go through the roof game design becomes an ever more in demand profession. It is diverse as well, there are as many different types of profession in a game design studio as there are in a movie studio (and without the medieval hierarchy, I'm talking to you Christian Bale). And unlike the movie business there aren't the same economies of scale that mean movie production outside of Hollywood are disproportionately expensive. There are game design studios around the world producing high quality games with production values as high as any in Silicon Valley. At the core of video game design is programming. Very often a game design studio will license established software such as game engines, physics engines or artificial intelligence code from what are called 'middleware' developers. This is because it can be a laborious task to produce this kind of comprehensive software from scratch. It's a bit like the car industry. Many different brands of cars with different designs will have the engines from the same few companies like Volkswagen or Ford. These middleware companies are often substantial companies in their own right and need a full studios worth of coders, programmers and designers. Many of these companies produce fully fledged games to exhibit their technology. Id games are probably the most famous of these. Their Quake and Doom engines were successful games in their own right but much of the companies profits would have come from licensing their engine technology to smaller game design studios. Still, even in these game design studios they still need programmers. The code of the engine needs to be altered to fit the purpose of the specific game and to work with any other software like, physics engines or artificial intelligence, that the game design studio may have licensed or even produced themselves. When all the engines have been built and the game code fully developed the physical appearance of the game needs to be created (of course, the programming and art are worked on at the same time but the art depends on the engine and not the other way round). At the beginning of a project traditional style artists and graphic designers will produce what is called concept art. These are created to establish the style, tone and overall look of the game. There might be many designs put forward before a final decision is made on the appearance of various characters and environments. They still may change in the course of the production but they give 3D modellers and animators somewhere to start from. Modellers produce 3 dimensional versions of the characters that will appear in the game and map or level designers create 3D versions of the environments in which the game will take place. In 2D games such as platformers there will still be level designers but they will work with different game design software. 2D characters are called sprites and still need to be animated but the process is a little simpler and more akin to traditional cartoon style animation. Outside of the actual design of the workings and look of the game there are other roles in game design. Writers are needed to develop the plot and narrative of games as well as dialogue. Sound engineers are needed to create and design sound effects and soundtracks for the game.

Life Is Great Working at a Graphic Design Studio

Have you ever wondered what inspires a graphic designer to do his job? What makes them tick and propels them from one project to the next? Recently I spoke to a graphic designer who outlined just why his employment makes him so happy and gets him out of bed each day. The first thing he pointed out was that it wasn't for the fame and certainly not for the glory. The design studio that he works in also doesn't offer an enormous salary. However, he did appreciate that his job gave him a great opportunity to communicate his ideas; he spoke of the excitement he gets from bringing designs, imagery and text to life each day. He felt he was truly privileged. A Skill that is Unique Each day spent at the graphic design agency is fun and exciting to him and he appreciated that he possessed a god given talent. A skill that he sometimes took for granted. Many people carry out jobs that do not require a particular skill, they may be trained or educated, but they do not have a skill to wear as a badge of honour. The designer I spoke to felt that he had something tangible. A gallery of work. A portfolio. This is something very unique and something many other workers do not possess. I felt rather envious of him, the graphic designer has a skill that could be used to generate extra income away from his day job, and he told me that he was inundated with requests from friends, family and acquaintances to carry out little design projects for them that he would do for a fee. When I told him how lucky I thought he was, he admitted that he sometimes forgot to count his blessings that he had a skill that could earn him extra revenue. Passion by Design Graphic designers have a passion for every project no matter its size. And the graphic design agency he works at encourages its employees to be quirky and think outside of the box. The designer would always approach a project from a different angle in a bid to distinguish himself from his peers. He spoke of the thrill of producing something unique and interesting. He actually enjoyed going into work each day. Power to Communicate The graphic designer spoke of the power to communicate and the satisfaction he gets when he has triggered an emotion inside another human being. Working for the agency he told of the power he felt when influencing someone else's decision or helping to shape their lives. The Thrill of the Job He admitted that some projects were a little tougher than others and some days the mental image he had in his mind could not always be replicated on his computer screen. But he also added that work at the studio each day was always fun, no matter what. The security Within the Trade Speaking of job security the designer stated "designers are here to stay; almost everything else can be automated or built by a machine, but not good design." He continued: "The process of design requires creativity, individualism and wit; this cannot be shipped out and built by a robot. He insisted this brought with it a good deal of job security and vocational pleasure. If you feel that you have a flair for design and would be an asset to a graphic design agency or art studio please contact us here at HROC Creative and learn how to turn your graphic design dreams into reality.

The Many Uses of a Design Studio

Not many people know what a design studio is used for. While the word 'design' has a lot of different meaning, basically we can safely say that a design studio is where an artist works. This is not the design contemplated by clothes and catwalks. This is the designer outfit that is high tech and technology savvy. This is where a person's ideas are interpreted into computer software where it is emphasized and further developed until it becomes an art form. That is the reason why most professional graphic or website design studios employ only the very skilled computer savvy experts. They are the very people who understand the tools and software that are used in this kind of industry. Being in a specialized field, the studio can operate only with a few employees involved. These employees are talented and creative, as well as are equipped with the expertise and know how in order to undertake this kind of design process. You will be surprised to know that a graphic studio can operate with only a few people. Unlike other website companies or agencies, the criteria are not with numbers in this case. As long as you have a handful of computer experts who are passionate about their work, who are dedicated, skillful, creative as well as talented, then they can fulfill a project within the time deadline while at the same time providing results that are exceptional as well as unusual. When choosing website design studio for your business, make sure you pick one that provides for the most affordable package but with a high quality work output. It is recommended to schedule a visit to possible companies. In meeting them personally you will be able to see them in action. With this, you will be able to assess their work ethics and dedication they put into each project. A design company that goes out of its way to meet new clients shows dedication and professionalism on their part. As soon as you've made your pick, expect to have lots of revisions. The design you have in mind will have lots of different variations as well as designs. Do not worry as these are just in the first stages of development which will be polished time and again. A good graphic design studio will come up with lots of different interpretations of your request which you can choose from or have them completely make. We specialise in interactive media marketing, comprising of Web Design, blog design, graphic design, etc. A solution to your Singapore Web Design needs.

Carpet Tiles For A Design Studio

Carpet tiles are the best alternative to traditional flooring and carpeting options. They are not only modern looking but also considerably lesser prone to wear and tear. What's more, they are also easy to clean and are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes and patterns. These very factors make them best suited for a commercial space such as a design studio that must reflect a perfect blend of style and creativity. A design studio is a place that breeds creativity and feeds the imagination. It should not only look great in terms of aesthetics but also be highly functional too. Artists and designers who own a design studio spend months in planning the decoration, look and feel of their space, giving attention to little details such as the embroidery on the drapes and the style of the furniture. Flooring indeed is of equal importance in a design studio. Since such a space experiences a reasonable amount of movement, the flooring must be strong and sturdy to withstand the force. Carpet tiles are therefore the best choice when it comes to determining the flooring of a studio space and hence used quite popularly in art, pottery and designer wear studios. We all know that these modular tiles look great in a studio space. But their functionality gets extended in a music studio. Apart from covering the studio floor, these carpet tiles also help to produce desired sound effects. There is no better space where the real versatility of these tiles can be effectively brought out but in an artist's work space. Just imagine the variety of colors, patterns and sizes of tiles that you have at your disposal to mix and match and experiment. You can go for asymmetrical patterns or completely different tile pieces to jazz up your work place and give it a character of its own. While the dark colors will help to create a classy effect, light-colored tiles will render a casual, friendly effect. Or pick up tiles that would help you create an illusion of a chess board or even a mini golf patch right in the middle of your work area! With these tiles, creativity indeed knows no pounds! If you own a studio space and are planning to give it a refreshingly new and unique look and feel, think out of the box and experiment with these vibrant modular carpet tiles. You surely will be amazed with the results!

The Function of a Design Studio

There are a lot of people that do not know exactly what a design studio is and what it is used for. If you are one of these people, then you should know that you are not alone in this. There is a very simple answer to this question, and as you read through the information that follows you will gain a better understanding of this. The first thing that you will want to know is what a design studio is used for. The basic use is very simple. It is an area that is set up for an artist to work. The way that the area is set up relies on the type of work that the artist does. This means that each of them can be set up differently depending on the artist that works there and the type of art that they produce. Now that you are familiar with what a design studio is used for, you maybe wondering about how one would be set up. Those who work with paint and canvas would want to have an area that had easels, paints, and canvas all readily available. Those who build things would want a workbench and tools. Those who use metal and welding in their art would need a welder and the supplies for welding the metal as well as the pieces of metal that they are intending to use in their art. There are many different design studios all over, and each is set up according to the artist and the type of art that they produce. There are a number of cases where there are multiple artists that work out of the same one and end up having several set ups within a single area. This ensures that each of the artists will be able to create their own art within the area that they have. A good example of a set up where multiple artists are working in the same area doing different things is your average auto body shop. The truth is that all the metal work that is done there is a form of art from the shaping to the welding and everything in between. The pain area of the shop is an art all its own, and the designing that is put into creating the vehicle that they are working on is another form of art. You probably have a design studio somewhere near you and just don't know it. They can come in many forms and are not always labeled as a design studio, but sometimes that are labeled as something like the auto body shop that was mentioned above. While not many people think of places like this as being artistic, the truth is that it takes a lot of artistic talent to do a number of production jobs that are out there. When something is not able to be done just the way that it was intended to be, it takes someone who is able to think outside the box and be creative to make it work and seem as if it were done the way it was intended. Take notice of the amazing art that is going on all over around you. We specialise in Interactive Media Marketing, comprising of Web Design, Blog Design, print Graphic Design, etc. A solution to your Singapore Web Design needs.

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