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A few t-shirts I designed

As far as making the least amount of impact on the environment, riding a bicycle is better than any hybrid vehicles! Enjoy the cost-effective and cleaner method of commuting and burn some calories while you are at it. Take the savings from the cost of fuel to a better use, like supporting a creative design and buying a t-shirt or donate to a good cause. Rate this item: here

Blue and yellow are the two colors that when added together create the color green. Blue and yellow represent the energy and resources which can come together to create and inspire awareness and change. The color green points to some obvious connotations to the "green" movement, but more specifically the attitudes of each individual making their own small efforts in contributing to the overall cause.The chasing arrows obviously resemble the traditonal recycling symbol but missing an arrow. . . Rate this item: here

Whether it’s the big government borrowing from our future to stimulate the present economy, an average consumer racking up huge credit-card balances, a home owner taking out mortgages with low teaser rates or using a line of credit to tap the equity in a home; many of us are incouraged or pressured to bankroll a way of living that is out of line with what we could actually afford based on our earning power. This design is just a reminder to curb are consumption and to re-evaluate our spending habits. The proverbial concept of spending below your means is a simple concept that has been around us for ages and yet very difficult to practice. Rate this item: here

Blog Launch

I decided that I would give blogging a try.

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