Veggie Grill and Madewell Store Furnishings

Last Saturday evening, my family and I went out for a dinner at one of our favorite local spots, the Veggie Grill, an all vegan restaurant located inside the Santana Row. We're vegans and Veggie Grill is one of just a hand full of places we like to visit often. The food is always excellent and my kids love it too; my favorite is their "Santa Fe Crispy Chicken" with sweet potato fries(of course, the "Chicken" is not real).

Santana Row is an upscale shopping, residential, dining destination here in San Jose, Calif, and after dinner we decided to walk around its outdoor shopping area and visit some shops. One of the shops we walked into was Madewella nice retail shop for women's clothing; my wife says, it's kind of like J. Crew but only for women (I found out later that J Crew is actually the parent company ).  Anyway, towards the back of the store there were some cool furniture for the shoppers' use next to the shoes and accessories display.  I took a couple of pictures-a nice, modern Room and Board leather couch (super comfy) and a pair of "Bucketseat in Scrapwood" chairs made of reclaimed slats of rustic wood pieces created by an environmentally-conscious Dutch designer, Piet Hein Eek. (I had to look under the chairs to see who the maker was; love these chairs!!!):

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