Vintage Raleigh RSW 16 and Graziella

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I bought these bikes; vintage '60s Raleigh RSW 16 (16 for the 16 inch wheels that are on the bike) and Graziella from a local Craigslist seller and is thinking of restoring them. The RSW is in pretty decent shape but Graziella is too rough to even consider restoring but it folds and has some cool parts that could be salvaged. Both bikes have some interesting history and they just have a real cool look to them. A friend of mine who's a bit of a bike aficionado thinks these bikes are the ugliest thing. I happened to disagree! I paid $40 dollars for both bikes which isn't much but how much money and time it's going to take to restore these bikes to a rideable condition is not yet determined. . . Not sure if it's even worth it. Anyway, both bikes have tires that need to be replaced among other things and I've been browsing  Ebay to see if I can find a nice pair of white, 16 inch tires that would go well with the RSW.  So far I only found new tires and none are white and they don't seem to fit the period of the bike very well.  I'm actually even considering buying a cheap, used 16 inch children's bike and just take the wheels off them and use it for these bikes.

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