BSA-The New and the Old

New version-Dec, 2010

The old version-Jan, 2008

Original Photo

I am pretty excited about finishing this new work!!! It took me nearly a whole week-many late hours into the night to get all the details in this piece. The one on top is the remake of my old one (middle image) which has been in my etsy shop for a couple of years. And looking back, the previous version, compare with the new is almost embarrassing. You can click on the old image to get a better look-just compare the details. Both work is based on the photograph of the same BSA motorcycle (third image) but the old one is done by just scanning the photograph and using Adobe Illustrator's "live trace" tool to create a graphic look. In the new work, I actually created all the lines and shapes using the Photoshop's "Pen Tool".  The BSA logo turned out much better in the new as well.
This is just one example of many other works I was able to make improvements on from an older work as I am learning and incorporating new technics and new skills. I am pretty happy to look back and see that I did make some progress and feel pretty good about providing better artwork for my shop and for those who support my work.  The old BSA print is no longer available but the print of my new work is now available in my Etsy shop.

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