Batteries for a hungry mouse

I was happy to de-clutter my desktop by having wireless keyboard and the mouse. But the Magic Mouse which came with my imac seems to be eating up my batteries far more than I anticipated. It has been just a little over two months and I am already on my third set of AA batteries for this mouse. I went to the local Apple retail store only to find out that this is pretty typical of all the Magic Mouse. My solution so far is rechargeable batteries. For around $29 dollars, Apple Battery Charger kit comes with a sleek, compact charger and six high-performance AA NiMH batteries that are ready to use right out of the box. These reusable batteries are supposed to last for up to 10 years-we'll see. At least, this is much better and maybe more economical choice in the long run than to keep buying and disposing of those single-use alkaline batteries; certainly more environmentally friendly way to power your wireless devices.

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