Searching for Adobe software

I've been all over the internet including searching for Adobe CS3 Design Premium or any newer version for mac. I recently upgraded my computer from a pc to an imac and unfortunately, my existing program wouldn't work for mac. First I called the Adobe to find out how much it would cost to upgrade to mac version from my older version; I heard from somewhere that they allow you to switch platforms with just a minimum cost. It turns out that I would have to pay close to $800.00 dollars. Then I called everyone and anyone I know to see if they know of anyone or anywhere where they can get a good deal, not to mention searching the web myself for the best deal. So far I found that there are a few options with potentially a huge discount:

1st option-Pirated Software-Cheapest but not always the best or the safest. Obviously you can't register and can't update. May also run into viruses or other annoying things like pop-up windows and other reminders. And finally, you do to have to deal with your conscience.

2nd option-Education Discount-If you are a student or a faculty, you are elligible for many great discounts. Right now, Apple is offering a great discount on Adobe softwares along with free ipod-touch with a purchase of a new mac. Also if you are a eligible, you can buy through the school book store or an on-line store such as, but since I am not a student or a faculty and do not have a proof of a valid id I would have to find someone who does. Some schools such as Stanford University has Software License Program where you can even get further discounts from an already discounted prices for students, faculty and other school staff members. The student/teacher versions do require you to log-on to the Adobe license website after the purchase of the product to get serial number to activate the software along with personal information including your affiliations with a particular school or an institution.

3rd option-Download-Only "OEM" Softwares-They are sold by different on-line retailers such as and others. But you are taking the risk of having to install via the internet and that can always pose some problems.

4th option: Craigslist-As you may well know, is full of pirated softwares costing next to nothing but every once in a while, you can find an original versions in great deals.

5th option: A friend who has a friend who works for Adobe-I have a friend who is a professional photographer who has a friend who is an employee of Adobe. He has told me in the past that he was able to get any type of Adobe software for next to nothing, like $50.00 dollars. I asked him if he can help me out and he told me he'll look into it. After several phone calls and him trying to get hold of his "friend" at Adobe, it doesn't seem like it will materialize into anything.

About two days ago, after checking almost everyday on craigslist, I finally found a listing by a seller in NobHill, CA, for a original factory version of cs3 Design Premium for $200.00 obo. This was a great deal since any original versions are sold by other sellers for around $700.00. And not to mention, he accepted my offer to buy it for $160.00. I was all set to pick it up the next day but at the last minute, the seller changed his mind. He e-mailed me later and said that he was having problem installing his newer version and wanted to hang on to his older one until that situation worked out. Today I was searching the craiglist again and saw the same ad from a same seller listing the same item for $650.00. He must've figured out how much others were selling the same item. Anyway, the search continues . . .

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