The first snowfall of the season.   Even though winter is coming,  I'm not sure if I am ready for it or not.  . I  always love snow, especially when the flakes are falling carpeting everything in a soft velvety white,  it takes me back to my youth and  of holidays past which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like when i was a kid and the world wasn't a scary place, but peaceful and with hope around each corner... alas,  my middle years are takinf ahold of me and affecting my joints making remember why warmer weather is my friend.

Winter Comes Early

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Due to the early extreme cold, lake effect snow came a bit early this year.
We ended up with just over a foot of snow last night from the lake effect.   I took my dog Rose out to play in it for a bit. She loves the snow as I do.  That's when I took this picture.

One bright spot in the day

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I try to find a bright spot in each day, something to encourage and uplift.  Even in darkness,  one candle can cast light that can be seen for miles.  Does the life we live, our attitudes, the way we respond to those around us reflect the light of our love to the world around us?

Let the light of our love shine in a dark world.

Marina in Michigan

The colder temperatures coming in with the blowing wind is making me miss the warmer months right now.  I think about all of the cold and snow that lays before us and I'm a little wistful for warmer days.

This photo is a marina on the West Fork of Grand Traverse Bay in Michigan.

Dog on watch

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One of Rose's favorite spots is by the French doors on the second floor landing.  She can watch out the window for birds,  squirrels and people who invade her territory.

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